Alpine Rail Optimisation will assess the progress of the Alpine region’s use of the Internet of Things to date, the level of its capabilities, the practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to mitigate the likely challenges to implementation.



Registration and Welcome Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media

Organiser and the Conference Chairman’s Welcome Address

Investments & Objectives for the region


Helmut Klarer | Chief Information Architect for OT & Network | ÖBB Holding

Digital Success Concepts & Needs Enabeld by IoT

  • The “magic formula” for digital success: Digitalisation, IoT and AI
  • Digitalisation is more than one Project
  • Lessons learned: Topics to address


Jan Grothe | Senior Vice President - Procurement Infrastructure | Deutsche Bahn

Changing perspectives: Germany needs “Strong Rail”

  • How to manage massive investments in infrastructure?
  • Why is there no alternative to digitization in rail infrastructure?
  • What are Implications for the procurement infrastructure?


Francis Cepero | Director Vertical Market Solutions | A1 Digital

Orchestrating IoT and Machine Learning in Rail

  • Examples of Major and Minor Digital Use Cases in Railways
  • How to sustain innovation pace in the "new work"?
  • How to build connected, resilient organizational capabilities?


Audrey Raveneau | Chief Data Officer | SNCF

Building a Data Driven Organization through leveraging Data and Analytics

  • Data Space to improve the performance of SNCF MATERIEL
  • Examples of Data Performance and Data Analytics Use Case
  • Data protection Challenge


Challenges for implementing pragmatic digitalisation for the Alpine Region


Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area


Anna Paltauf | Head of IT & Digitalization | ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG

Data analysis challenges at ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

  • Integrating and harmonizing data
  • Preparation of easy-to-use data for analysis
  • Getting the right tools in place


Florian Auer | Director of Technology | Plasser & Theurer

High precision tamping

  • First-time use of artificial intelligence in track maintenance
  • A precise 3D space trajectory is measured during transfer mode
  • Ballast sensing technology for track work

Implementing Innovations


Carlo Borghini | Executive Director | Shift2Rail

On the way to a new Rail Research and Innovation Programme

  • Building together the European future rail concept of operations
  • What to expect from rail research and innovation during the next years
  • Migration plans in view of the deployment


Olivier Waeber | Leader of Innovation & Technology Management | SBB

Building an innovative organization

  • The nature of innovation and how ideas evolve
  • Hindering Innovation: Why companies have difficulties in making innovation successful
  • Implementing innovation is hard work: Insights into SBB Infrastructure


Using technology to increase punctuality and reliability, attract new customers and reduce operational costs.


Philippe Citroën | Director General | Unife

R&I is key for keeping the EU Rail Supply Industry leadership:

  • The European Rail Supply Industry at the heart of the EU rail research and innovation strategy
  • Towards a fully digitalised railway system (incl. ERTMS)
  • Public Procurement and promotion of innovation-related criteria and best price-quality ratio (with the MEAT principle)


Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Digitalisation & Innovation in Railway Operations


Jan Müllerschön, Head of Digital Wagon Diagnostics Project, DB Cargo

Digital Transformation of Wagon Diagnostics @ DB Cargo

  • Utilization of Artificial Intelligence for automated damage detection
  • Implementation of new business processes in wagon diagnostics and maintenance commissioning
  • Opportunities and challenges on the way to a condition-oriented wagon maintenance


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

How Global Megatrends are steering the CEO agenda in digital rail

  • Innovations create a meaningful impact
  • Billions of data points: Value is hidden in the 1%
  • Uncovering the ‘best questions to ask’


Bigna Ruppen | Product Owner Cargo Digital | SBB Cargo

IoT meets reality: step by step forward

  • Two-sided IoT approach of SBB Cargo for fleet management and clients’ needs
  • Equipping a fleet takes time and cost, so internal MVP is needed (GPS position, live counter reading, etc.)
  • With an equipped fleet potential client whishes can be addressed fast (track & trace, temperature)


Tiziano Croce | CEO | Rail Cargo Group Italy S.r.l.

Augmented Wagon Inspection

  • Traceability of rolling stock inspection operations
  • Remote assistance for the wagon inspector
  • Rolling stock data acquisition for train preparation
rail cargo group


Optimising Big Data analytics to increase the availability of assets


Bertrand Minary | Chief Industry & Innovation Officer | SNCF Fret

Transforming rail freight for efficient and sustainable rail freight, serving multimodality

  • European and national Initiatives, making sector moving
  • Start for current experience and converge with common building blocks
  • Towards the future autonomous freight train system


Rail Operators Panel Discussion

What can be achieved from digitising my railway operations?

  • As demand for freight rail services dramatically increases, what are your challenges in supporting future growth?
  • Are long standing, traditional standards and rules preventing, or at least slowing down Railways of maximising the full potential of new digital technologies which the industry has to offer?
  • How are you optimising digital solutions to obtain smart data to increase the efficiency and services of your operations?


  • Tiziano Croce, CEO, Rail Cargo Group Italy S.r.l.
  • Bertrand Minary, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer, SNCF Fret
  • Jan Müllerschön, Head of Digital Wagon Diagnostics Project, DB Cargo
  • Bigna Ruppen, Product Owner Cargo Digital, SBB Cargo
  • Francis Cepero, Director Vertical Market Solutions, A1 Digital
  • Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot


Afternoon Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Digitalisation & Innovation in rail Infrastructure


Harnessing the latest digital trends to create and intelligent infrastructure for the Alpine region


Marco Gallini | Head of Diagnostics Services and Maintenance Machines | RFI

The ISO 55001 certification of the mobile and intagible assets management system of RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

  • Which benefits may be achieved through an ISO 55001 certification?
  • How can digitalisation help asset management systems?
  • Is digitalisation an opportunity or a risk?


Learn how to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world to manage your assets smarter


Roland Moser | Chief Technology Officer | SBB Infrastructure

Applying new technologies to rail business

  • Artificial Intelligence in Predictive Maintenance
  • Machine Perception in Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Alternative Energies and propulsion systems to reach global CO2 goals


Christian Sagmeister | Division Manager Rail Systems | ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Digital railway operations - challenges and opportunities

  • Digitalisation projects at ÖBB infrastructure
  • How technologies can support your business processes?
  • Opportunities for the railway system


Infrastructure Manager Panel Discussion

How are you embracing the latest digital technologies to help you achieve a more intelligent infrastructure?

  • How important is it for Railways to collaborate with solution providers as speed of innovation and systems based on AI are now key requirements in order to solve maintenance problems?
  • With the numerous digital solutions now available that collect Big Data, what are your challenges in distinguishing between the mass of data which is collected, and smart data that is useful to help you with your maintenance operations?
  • It could be argued that the rail industry is regimented by standards, rather than continuous learning. What do you feel needs to change to harness the latest digital solutions available to enable the rail sector to thrive in the 21st century?


  • Helmut Klarer, Chief Information Architect for OT & Network, ÖBB Holding
  • Marco Gallini, Head of Diagnostics Services and Maintenance Machines, RFI
  • Roland Moser, Chief Technology Officer, SBB Infrastructure
  • Christian Sagmeister, Division Manager Rail Systems, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  • Florian Auer, Director of Technology, Plasser & Theurer


Chairman’s Closing Comments


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